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Self professed tree hugger, animal advocate, travel obsessed skin care enthusiast.

I am a firm believer in prevention over cure and much of what I know about the health of my skin I have learnt from my studies in aromatherapy (including four units in anatomy and physiology), reflexology and in completing the Natural Skin care business course at the School of Holistic Cosmetology (now Formula Botanica). I have also gained wonderful insights into formulation by completing a day of one on one training with the course creator Star Khechara.

My upbringing also has a role to play and I guess you could say that it is no surprise that I am here blogging about having an integrated approach to skin care ....from a very young age my mum would remind me of how to look after my skin - "Drink more water" she would say, "It is good for keeping your skin youthful" she would continue. "Make sure you moisturise every night" and "Are you wearing sunscreen on your face?" plus "The sun ages you faster you know" were all common remarks... and now in my later years I get it!! For every time someone assumes that I am substantially younger than I am (and yes this is based on how I look not my attitude :P) I am thankful for the reminders from my mother - even if I did use the solarium on occasion which was against her advice..sshhh!!

I am also grateful that my parents instilled in me the value of looking at my body as a whole unit and to ask the question "what is the root cause?" whenever something is not in balance. This approach has helped me address my skin care concerns from a truly holistic place. You can read more on this in my very first blog post.

I hate the thought of people holding back from certain situations in life because they lack confidence. How our skin appears can at times greatly influence how we interact with others and/or how much we put ourselves out there.. I know, I have been there. After all our skin is one of the first aspects people see, it is the shell to protect our delicate insides as well as a representation of our internal wellbeing. My desire is that by sharing my journey and what I have learnt along the way that you too will be able to treat your dermal concerns holistically and feel more confident in your own skin.

Peace. Love. Wholesomeness.

Rebecca Ho

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